Hi there, welcome to my portfolio website!
Let me tell you a few things about myself...

I started working with Cinema 4D in 2011 when I bought my first computer
(a Macbook Pro) for my study, Gamedesign & Development in Amsterdam.
Unfortunatley I didn't get to learn 3D over there so I started with Cinema 4D in my spare time.......I was hooked.
I developed my skills whenever I had the chance as well as on school, during breaks and even class, and I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living. 
Create "stuff" in 3D!

In the next 3 years I worked through my classes and at a gamestudio for my internship and eventually got my diploma.
It was also around this time that I joined c4dlounge.eu and a couple of years later c4dcafe.com.
The community over there is great and I've learned so much from them!

I am constantly discovering new things and learning new techniques to improve on my projects.
Working on 3D projects is really something special for me and I'm always very passionate about them.
The moment you can finally share a finished render after so much hard work is priceless.

My hobby's are of course, working in programs like Cinema 4D or Zbrush which take a lot of my time.
Besides that I read a lot, play some games and I love to go hiking in the Scottish highlands.

I hope I have given you an insight in who I am and what I do. 
Create with passion & dedication



I am a motivated designer with the ambitions to always learn more.
The next years I would like to develop myself in the 3D world and learn everything there is to know in the field of modeling and rendering .

I have 6 years of experience working with programs like Cinema 4D and Zbrush and am currently working as a drafting technician and 3D artist at De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture.

-Organic and hard surface modeling and sculpting
-high-end asset creation for games
-Lighting and texturing (also in PBR workflow)
-Cinema 4D's Turbulence FD fluid simulations

Programs I currently use are:
-Cinema 4D
-3DS Max
-Marvelous designer
-After Effects
-Substance Painter
-Substance Designer
-Marmoset Toolbag