Home Away From Home

This is my first render made with Corona for Cinema 4D. It was made in the course of half a year since it has been on the shelf for a while and gone through numerous designs changes. So moving to a new city I found it was time to get it over with and finish it.
The scene was lit with one HDRI and for the interior 3 lights. It was a nice practise to create the textures for the furniture inside Substance Painter as well.
The final version has gone through a lot of changes in Photoshop since the raw render was quite flat.
Due to render times there is still some grain (1,2%) left in the final image. Cutting the texture sizes in half didn't do a thing to the render times so I reckon it might be the poly count which is close to 6 million due to the vegitation.

Below is a render breakdown of the project.

Programms Used:
-Cinema 4D (Corona Renderer)
-Substance Painter
-Marvelous Designer

-September 2017