The Salarian Scientist

The Salarian Scientist, a fan tribute to the game series Mass Effect. When I just started with 3D about 4 years ago , I made a similar project called "the Salarian Refugee" in Sculptris and Photoshop.

After the recent release of Mass Effect Andromeda I wanted to pick up on that project from years ago and see what I could make of it on my current skill level.
So after completely reshaping the head I went into Cinema 4D for retopology.
After that I took that retopologized mesh into Zbrush and sculpted all the skin details on it.
Not entirely sticking to the original designs of the Salarian species but using my imagination a bit and implemented features like the wrinkled neck which you'll find with certain reptillians.

After the head was finished I continued with the armour which was fully made in Cinema 4D. Sometimes using Zbrush for sketching the rough shapes and continuing with that shape in C4D.
The only details that where scupted on in Zbrush where the heat vents. Also not sticking with the original designs.

The logo on it's shoulder pads is that of the Systems Alliance which represents the body of Earth and all human colonies in Citadel space. 
Since this obvioulsy isn't a human and I couldn't find a Salarian related logo people just have to use their imagination on how a Salarian were to obtain that logo.

I exported it on the second subdivision level (around 92K polygons) to be sure that there weren't any square edges and everything would be smooth. The low poly model is at around 27K.

The texturing was done in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.
Some wireframe/clay renders will be posted later on along with the final image containing the sci-fi environment I intended him to be put in.


Programms Used:
-Cinema 4D
-Substance Painter
-Marmoset Toolbag

-May 2017

The intellectual property Mass Effect belongs to Bioware.
The creation of this image is intended as fan art and portfolio material.