Coffee Grinder

Because I'm currently focussing on learning to create 3D models for game development, I started with the creation of a high poly mesh of this old coffee grinder that has been standing here in the kitchen as long as I can remember.
After that I'remeshed the model to achieve a low poly mesh that fits exactly over the high poly one.
I've always stayed as far away from UV unwrapping in Cinema 4D as I could but this time decided that I would tackle this monster!
So after learning to unwrap, a thing I'm now pretty comfortable with within C4D, I exported my low poly mesh.

To create the maps and texture the coffee grinder, I bought a program I immediately fell in love with: Substance Painter
If you do not own it already, I suggest you by it as it's not that expensive.

I created 2 UV sets, one for the bottom and one for the more metallic top of the model. I could have done it in 1 in hindsight but I wanted to have a lot of resolution for close ups.
After that I started to generate my maps (normals, AO etc) and then texturing.
The render you see above was made with the Iray render within Substance Painter.
Since I do not have the Substance plugin for Cinema 4D version R17 because I'm working with R16 I haven't really gotten into translating the textures from PBR workflow to that of Cinema 4D R16 but I'm definitely going to tackle that.

Programs Used:
-Cinema 4D R16
-Substance Painter 2.3
-Zbrush 4R6

October 2016

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