Escape To The Country

Inspired by a house I found on the internet which later when someone told me turned out to be the so called "Jacobs house" in Wisconsin America.
When I started this project it was clear to me that I wanted to give a warm cozy summer afternoon feeling to it.
This was a heavy scene to handle in the end due to all the trees and plants in and around the property. The grass was made with a combination of C4D Archigrass and geometry. The main reason for this was to reduce the calculation time for the Archigrass and at the same time maintain a smooth handling in the viewport.
The painting of the budda which you can find in the house was provided by my lovely mother!

As you can see in the fourth image below, there's a bush and tree in the lower right corner which isn't in the original render. This part was added in post production to give some depth to the final image which in turn adds some realism to the overall look.

Programs Used:
-Cinema 4D R16 (Physical Renderer)
-Zbrush 4R6
-Marvelous Designer 3
-Photoshop CC
-After Effects CC

March 2016