The African Elephant

The African elephant is with it's 6 tonnes and 3,3 meter high at the shoulder the largest animal walking the Earth. With approximately 400.000 still left in the wild, their herds wander through 37 countries in Afrika. 
Elephants can live up to 70 years.

After seeing more and more disturbing images of elephants being slaughtered for their ivory tusk on television and other media, I wanted to create an elephant myself because they're the most beautiful animals roaming the planet.
Being the first time creating an animal in Cinema 4D, it was quite a challenge for me discovering the workflow to tackle this project.
I started creating the base mesh in Cinema 4D and decided to sculpt the detail in Zbrush.

The render below is the elephant without the color but already posed.


Since the final render only shows the front I felt like showing the rest too. This one was re-textured and rendered in Substance painter 2

Programs Used:
-Cinema 4D R16 (Physical Renderer)
-Zbrush 4R6
-Photoshop CC
-Substance Painter 2 (re-textured and rendered in Iray October 2016)

January 2016

Elephant population through the century!
1500s- Estimates put the number of elephants on the African continent around 26 million when Europeans first started exploring.
Early 1900s- Shooting an African elephant is considered to be a great honor for Europeans on safari.
1913- The U.S. is consuming two hundred tons of ivory per year. The African elephant population has dropped to an estimated 10 million. 
1950s- Elephant slaughter begins to drastically increase with estimates that 250 elephants are killed every day.
1979- Elephant population is reported at 1.3 million.
1988- The African elephant population has been cut by more than half in 10 years!
1989- Only 600.000 elephants remain. 
1990s- Some elephant populations begin to show signs of recovery.
2011- Numbers of poached elephants and large-scale ivory seizures are so high that it is labeled annus horibilis for the species. The population is losing more elephants than they can reproduce!
2012- Sudanese poachers travel across the Sahara desert to massacre several hundreds of elephants in the span of a few days.
2014- The price of ivory has tripled in China.
2016- 96 elephants are killed each day in Africa and the population is approximately 400.000. The Asian elephant is an endangered species with less than 40.000 remaining worldwide.