The Last City Gate

This is the Easterngate (Oosterpoort) in the beautiful Dutch city of Hoorn.
This gate was build in the year 1578 and served as the main defence and entrance to the city.
It is the last standing gate out of 5.

This was a pretty big project and was made during the course of two months
I started on site making reference pictures and background images which you can see
on the left side of the gate and through the arch.
Some ornaments on the gate, like the lionshead, were made in Zbrush.
The trees are from Laubwerk and the grass was made with C4D's ArchiGrass

Post production was done in Photoshop combining several multi passes and doing color
corrections among many other things.

Programs used:
-Cinema 4D R16 (Physical Renderer)
-Zbrush 4R6
-Photoshop CC

July 2015