Road To Execution

Since The Elder Scrolls have been my favorite games from the past years I always wanted to recreate a scene from the series but never had the skills to do so.
I chose Helgen from Skyrim since this is the place where the whole story starts.

This is the first outdoor scene with Vray I ever did, and although it came out nice,
there's a lot that could be done better looking back on it.
The misty and mysterious atmosphere is what i think makes this scene so recognizible if you've played Skyrim.

The plants and trees are all from Xfrog.

In this breakdown you can see the process of Texturing to the final image in Cinema 4D and the post production in Photoshop.

Programs used:
-Cinema 4D R13
-Vray for C4D
-Photoshop CS5

October 2014